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Katie and Brendan Left Us Some Love!

Photo by Gallery 9 North
Katie and Brendan left a super sweet review of me online!  Thank you guys so much for these amazingly kind words!!
I truly don’t know where to start with what to say about Shannon. I’m sure that a review won’t capture our gratitude and awe of what she did for our entire family. To cut to the chase, hiring Shannon was the single best decision we made during the wedding planning process. I literally cannot imagine going through it without her, she was so instrumental at every turn. From recommending vendors that perfectly suited what we were looking for (and our budget) to just plain keeping us all calm and on schedule… she does it all with grace, kindness, professionalism and expertise. I would say that we were a bit of a non-traditional couple and were looking for something different than what we viewed as “cookie cutter.” Between this and my own history of event planning, I didn’t think we needed a wedding planner. Boy, was I wrong! And I’m so glad that my family (Shannon has already worked at 2 other family weddings) convinced me otherwise. Shannon doesn’t view her couples or their weddings as cookie cutter in any possible way. What was perhaps most impressive about Shannon was her ability to listen to what we really wanted and make suggestions, sometimes when we ourselves weren’t even quite sure of our vision or how to get there. Shannon was instrumental in helping me find every one of my vendors as well as our venue. She answered countless random questions and every piece of advice was spot-on. She is committed to helping you realize what you want while also remaining amazingly grounded in what weddings are really all about. And let’s just say, it’s a lot easier to focus on what weddings are really about when the logistics and details run smoothly, like ours did. We’re in awe of how much we enjoyed our own wedding, and that’s thanks to Shannon! She helped us coordinate getting 170 people to and from our venue, kept our ceremony and reception perfectly on schedule, and subtly dealt with any issues that arose. We’ve received an incredible amount of compliments about the wedding. A few guests remarked how well-organized and smooth everything was. Quite a few said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to and a couple of particularly enthusiastic guests told us it was the best night of their lives!! I just feel like Shannon set us all up to have the night of our lives. She made sure we were logistically and mentally ready, that our vendors were set and allowed us to get to a place where the details and stress of planning a wedding (which was soo much more complex than I could have possibly imagined) faded into the background and we could focus on what was really important. We can’t thank you enough Shannon. Thank you for all the good work you do during this incredibly important yet nerve-wracking time in peoples’ lives. It means the world to have a calming, competent and trustworthy person lead you through it!

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