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Our style of wedding planning is highly personal.

With us by your side, you’re not hiring someone simply for execution and logistics but someone to help you feel seen - to recognize the core gold kernels of your partnership, the essence of who you are as people, and begin picturing the flow and feel of a celebration that cultivates the experience that you seek.

"She helped us to not only plan our wedding, but keep our sanity - all with charm, grace, and unending patience. Sometimes I swear she's a therapist in addition to wedding planner."

— Amy & adam

We know what you're thinking - Do I even need a wedding planner? 

If you want to be a guest at your own wedding, the answer is YES! But what kind of support do you need? What's even included? How involved do you need your wedding planning expert to be? 

We offer a range of services and packages for all different types of couples and wedding styles, ranging from a micro wedding in the mountains to a multi-day getaway weekend for all your closest friends and family.

Which service is right for you?


For couples planning multi-day weekend getaways who want someone to take care of every step. Begins at $17,500.

Destination Upstate


For couples that need help staying on track and guide them through the planning process. Begins at $6,250.


For couples who've done most planning and need an expert to run the day so they can be fully present. Begin at $3,250.


Wedding Planning

adam ciccarino photography

adam ciccarino photography

Just a Peek at What We Offer

We act as your personal assistant on the wedding day for anything you need, assist with all installation and breakdown, and return everything to you at the end of the night (but that's only a little of all we do!)

wedding planning made simple

bringing support to your side

Wedding Day Support

We'll finalize all wedding day details with all of your vendors, oversee the coordination and decorating of the venue, and be the point of contact for all vendors to ensure a smooth flow to your wedding day.

bringing the team together

Vendor Coordination

From creating inspiration boards to coordinating and sourcing all the design elements needed to complete your vision, we will act as the design manager from inspiration to installation.

bringing your vision to life

Event Design

We have a range of wedding packages with different degrees of pre-wedding involvement, from creating your personalized wedding budget, assist in finding all of your vendors, and guiding you through each step.

Bringing all the details together

Pre-Wedding Planning

We will oversee and direct the ceremony rehearsal the day before the wedding, as well as provide your wedding party and family members with important details of the wedding day schedule on printed cards.

going off without a hitch

Ceremony Rehearsal

You'll have full support one-month out from the wedding for all the guidance you need. We'll create your wedding timeline and coordinate with all your vendors, and run the show on the day of the wedding.

Bringing your plans to life

Month-Of Coordination

brian david weddings

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brian david weddings

  She and her assistants handled absolutely everything you can think of (and a bunch of things you won't think of) on the wedding day. I didn't have to answer a single question from vendors, grab anyone to be in a picture, tell anyone from the wedding party where to be when, pick up cards/gifts/welcome sign the next day, etc. She did it all.

"I literally told Shannon on my wedding day that she was the best thing to ever happen to me."

Christine & Sean

hbt Photo

HBT Photo

Since we had our wedding at our family property, the entire ceremony and reception space basically had to be built from-scratch, but Shannon knew exactly what to do and made it absolute perfection. From the ceremony rehearsal to the end of Sunday brunch, everything went off without a hitch.

“She was instrumental working with us to plan our wedding from across the country.”

Meggie & Zach

brian david weddings

brian david weddings


The night of our rehearsal, Shannon showed up with an itinerary for everyone in our wedding party and our immediate family members to make sure everyone was on the same page. Come wedding day, things I wasn’t even aware of going on was all taken care of without me even noticing! 

"Shannon was the greatest peace of mind, everything I could’ve wanted and more"

Jenny & Sean

brian david weddings

niki rossi photography



are in 

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