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Staying Hydrated on Your Wedding Day

We know that between the nerves, the excitement, and the early morning celebrations with your wedding party that drinking water might not be high up on your list of priorities and to-do list. Who can blame you for focusing your attention to the fun parts?  Trust us, we get it!

With the hotter months here we wanted to just give you a few ideas to stay safe and hydrated on your big day, while also consuming the celebratory drinks you deserve to have. 

The best way is to plan ahead!  Drink plenty of fluids in the days leading up to your wedding day. If you are dehydrated going into your wedding and then add a hot day and alcohol drinking to the mix, you most likely won’t be feeling too great at some point of your big day.

If you know your mind will be elsewhere and you need reminders, bring a water bottle with you and give it to your maid of honor, best man or wedding planner. Where you go, they go!  And make a plan ahead of time to have one water in between every one or two alcoholic beverages to keep yourself good for the long run.

If you know you just won’t care about water once your day starts, grab a Liquid I.V., Gatorade or something else with electrolytes and have it first thing in the morning.  Hey, something is better than nothing 😊

And don’t forget that hydration continues the day after your wedding, where electrolytes and fluids will be key in recovering from the best day of your life.  No one should miss their post-wedding brunch, so swig down some fluids that are non-alcoholic and non-caffeine before bed to feel like a million bucks on your first morning as a newlywed.  

We want you to enjoy everything about your day and that includes how you feel physically before, during, and after the Big I Do’s.

The WPP Team

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