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"Shannon helped me fully enjoy my daughter’s wedding day, by taking the worry out of the equation. I knew the minute we shook hands that she was the person we needed."


- phyllis, mother of the bride

Jemima Richards

Our events are planned so you can soak up the joy and love in the room without a single worry.


You want that moment when you are breathing your wedding in, breathing in the love of everyone around you, soaking it all in without feeling stressed or frantic. You want to have a moment to absorb it all, feeling the joy in the moment, the love in the room, and the excitement of getting to that point. We help get you there.

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Our specialized online software will be the nexus for all of your planning, from your budget breakdown, guest list manager, RSVP tracker, timeline, planning checklist, and more. It can even easily be shared with parents or anyone else involved in the process to ensure they can stay up-to-date.

Leading up to your wedding day, you’ll receive what we like to call “The Play Book” - the recipe book for your wedding covering every aspect from timeline to vendor contact information to when to cue your first dance song. Anyone could pick it up and know exactly how the day is going to go and every little detail.

Say hello to the modern day wedding binder.

the play book

Katherine Marchand

Our approach from our very first phone call until the week leading up to your wedding is reading between the lines of what you’re saying and envisioning, painting the picture so you can literally see your wedding. Like a watercolor, with each stroke of information you give, your picture is being painted.

It’s not so much about the colors you like, but how you want your wedding day to look and feel, what you’re nervous about, what your priorities are. We translate the essence of your partnership as individuals and as a couple into a day that is a true reflection of the two of you and an experience for your guests.

Planning by intentionality, not Pinterest.

goodbye cheesy trends

Eryc Perez de Tagle

katherine marchand

We’re not about putting you into the same old cookie-cutter wedding plan or process. No two timelines are the same, no same two options to choose from. Our blend of professionalism with that personal touch is about getting to know you two as a couple and translating that essence into an event.

We are a team of people that stay observant and one step ahead, understanding you on a human level to learn what makes you tick to translate into a beautiful and authentic celebration. From our very first phone call, you will feel heard, seen, and understood on a personal level. Whatever you can dream of,  we'll help you make it happen and provide ideas along the way.

We help you step
outside the wedding mold.

melding modernity & Tradition

Jessie Casey

henry and mac

After over 15 years of experience in weddings, we’ve seen and dealt with nearly every scenario imaginable. We are simultaneously going with the flow of the day while thinking a few steps ahead to ensure the day runs without a hitch.

From handing out Wedding Party Sheets to all your VIPs at the rehearsal covering hair+makeup schedules, relevant phone numbers, and more so no one has to worry about a thing the morning of the wedding. We come prepared with our Wedding Emergency Kit, a rolling suitcase packed with anything anyone could need from band-aids, hairspray, antihistamines, Tide pens, blotting wipes, bobby pins, and even fake wedding bands. 

We take all the oopsies away every step of the way.

no more wedding stress

Brian David Weddings

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Our planning process is not about creating the prettiest or most perfect wedding, but an all-encompassing experience for both you and your guests. The week leading up to your wedding, you will have complete peace of mind knowing everything is finally taken care of. We’re a behind-the-scenes planner, the nexus of your vendor team while not being more important than anyone else on the day-of.

Our approach is about creating both a planning and wedding experience that is something to celebrate in and of itself - honest and true to who you are as people.

You can be a guest at your own wedding.

live fully present

Katherine Marchand

hbt photo

Worried about how to plan your destination wedding without being nearby? That’s where we come in. Nearly all of our clients are based elsewhere, couples living in New York City or on the West Coast who dream of hosting all their people in beloved Upstate New York or Vermont for their wedding.

Shannon is an expert at becoming a couple’s rock through the planning process, sometimes with not even meeting until the day before the wedding. The goal for our work together is to create an immersive experience for you and your guests from when they first arrive in town until final goodbyes.

Destination planning that doesn't feel so far away.

the connection experts

Justin Lee

brian david weddings

How we allow you to be a guest at your own wedding

by your side every step of the way


• Contact and finalize details with all your vendors
• Coordinate and oversee decorating of the venue
• Great vendors as they arrive and act as their point of contact

getting ready

• Attention to bridal party and family needs
• Ensure hair & makeup is running smoothly
• Assist with final preparation and dress details

• Ensure that everyone is in place for start of ceremony
• Coordinate the processional, recessional and receiving line
• Coordinate order of events with DJ/band, photographer, and catering to ensure reception flows smoothly
• Act as a personal assistant to you throughout the reception to address any of your personal requests

first look & family photos

• Assist in coordination for First Look with partner and/or parents
• Assist in the arrangement of family members for an efficient photography session

ceremony & reception

after the festivities

• Assist in the breakdown of the reception site at end of event
• Collect and transport all items that need to be returned to you

Janelle Rodriguez

tracey buyce

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We believe in transparency, communication, and organization for every step of your wedding planning process. You can download our in-depth pricing guide now to get a feel for what we offer and where we start.

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