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Wedding Insurance

I’ll be the first to admit that wedding insurance is one of those things I was skeptical of at first. I thought of it like the travel insurance you can add on to your purchase on those travel websites – you know the extra $40 that will cover you only if you cancel your trip for specific reasons A, B, or C. Wedding insurance to me was like that ‘too good to be true kind of coverage’ that in the end would be too specific and have too much fine print to actually benefit you. Well, I post this blog today because I am now a believer and if I was on the wrong page about it I figure many of you could be, too.

How much is the value of your car? $10,000? And you insure it in case anything goes wrong, right? Well how much is your total wedding costing you? The average in this area is almost $30,000, and what protection do you have for this event should things not happen as planned? What if your photographer goes out of business? In this economy we are seeing more and more of this happen. What if your perfect winter wedding falls on a day of a major ice storm and none of your guests can attend? What would you do if your gifts are stolen during your reception? Or – God forbid – one of you gets cold feet at the last minute and the wedding is called off? You think your vendors are going to give you your money back? Think again.

This is where wedding insurance comes in. A simple policy can cover you for a multitude of issues that have the potential to come up and, well, put a major damper on your big day. And the beauty of such an insurance policy? Policies start around $200. You will invest thousands of dollars on your wedding, so why wouldn’t you want to spend just a few hundred dollars to give yourself valuable coverage?

I so strongly believe in wedding insurance that I am happy to be an advocate and put you in touch with a company who can provide you with it. There is an insurance office called Associates of Glens Falls and they specialize in this kind of coverage. Ask for Brian, and he can answer any questions you have and can quote you for a policy if you choose to do so.

My role as a wedding planner is not only to plan the wedding of your dreams but to make sure you realize it, too…

Happy Planning,


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