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Why A Spring Wedding?


Spring is a beautiful season here in Upstate New York and we think it is a great time of year to choose for a wedding. The snow melts away, the animals come back out of hibernation, and everything turns green again. This feeling of rebirth can feel symbolically similar to that of marriage which marks the beginning of a new life for the newlyweds. Here are some of our top reasons why we think spring is a great season for an Upstate wedding.

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Warm days, cool nights

Want to avoid the heat and humidity of the summer, but also don’t want to freeze when you’re outside getting your photos taken? The spring can offer the best of both worlds by giving you the chance for warmer days and cooler nights. This means that you could have your ceremony or cocktail hour outdoors and you don’t have to worry about grandma getting a chill when it’s time for the big family photo. And you can choose black for the color of your groomsmen’s tuxes and not worry they will fry in the sun. Spring weather in Upstate NY can be unpredictable, but you at least know you won’t get super hot or super cold.

CourtneySalilMarried-307 rszd.jpg

The last chance for offseason perks

Most Upstate New York wedding professionals will tell you that our offseason runs between November and April. To incentivize couples to hold their weddings during these months some venues and vendors offer discounted prices or free upgrades. If you choose a wedding date in April you might be able to get the best of both worlds – the chance to save money and the chance for a warm wedding day. And what is the difference really between the weather on the last weekend in April compared to the first weekend in May?


Longer days = more photos

Winter weddings can be beautiful but ask any photographer and they will tell you the toughest thing they deal with (besides the cold) is the fact that during the winter months it gets dark before 5:00. When you get past Daylight Savings Time you automatically gain an hour of evening daylight, then with each day we get closer to June we add a few more minutes. This means that an evening ceremony is possible outside and that formal photos can be taken outdoors during cocktail hour. This may not seem like a big deal at first but trust this wedding planner – added daylight can open up a lot of options for your wedding day timeline.


Ability to use outdoor venues

Some of the best venues in our area have outdoor spaces available for ceremonies and/or receptions. These beautiful barns, pavilions, and tented wedding spaces get locked up for the winter but in the spring they are able to be opened back up and become usable spaces for weddings and other special events. And even if the temperatures dip at night there are side walls and heaters that can be added to keep everyone nice and warm. So if you dream of a ceremony outdoors or want to have your reception in a rustic barn you can start considering it here from the month of April on.

Give your guests a weekend away before the summer vacation rush hits

We all know how busy people’s calendars are in the summer, especially parents trying to fit in summer vacations with their kids before school starts back up. The spring can be a perfect time of year to host a wedding weekend and have a good chance that your date is not competing with everything else on your guests’ social calendars. And with how busy all of the vacation spots in our area can get (Lake George, Saratoga Springs, Lake Placid, etc) you also have the benefit of booking up hotels, resorts, and inns without having to compete with all the summer tourists. Plus who doesn’t want an excuse to stretch their legs after a long winter and go Upstate to celebrate for a few days?

Hotz0020 rszd.jpg

Availability of specific flowers

Sure you can order flowers from growers all over the world and get your hands on just about anything you want any time of the year, but there are some couples who have their hearts set on a specific flower or want to think green and only use flowers from local growers. If that’s the case then the time of year the wedding takes place has direct impact on what kinds of flowers they can choose from. Spring flowers such as lilacs are only available for a short window in late April, and the ever popular peony only blooms in May and June. So for those couples who dream of having either of these flowers at their Upstate wedding then spring is the perfect season for them.

Have your heart set on a spring Upstate wedding? Contact us for your free consultation and to check our availability on your dream dates!

Photos above by Bailly Photography, Heather Bohm Tallman Photography, Pat Furey Photography, Elario Photography, Thompson Photography Group, Divine Light Photography, and Tracey Buyce Photography

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