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What Is Your Budget Breakdown?

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Cheers to your engagement!! 🥂 We want to help you keep the entire planning process as stress free as possible – and as on budget as you can. Knowing money can be one of the biggest stressors for a couple, let’s get your budget breakdown out of the way before you start anything else.

First things first… find out who is contributing to your budget and what your total budget is. We know it’s not always comfortable asking someone how much money they’re gifting you and your partner for your big day, but it’s important to know up front who is pitching in and how much they are comfortable giving.  

Now that you know what your budget it, it’s time to break down your categories. Be a realist through this process. More Guests = More $, so work on your guest list and don’t be afraid to minimize it. Doing this right of the bat will save you from trying to back track and cut down later on. 

Vendors that are all affected by your number of guests:

  • Venue size (smaller guest list = options for smaller venues)
  • Catering Costs
  • Rentals (chairs, linens, plates and dining items, etc)
  • Florals
  • Favors
  • Stationary
  • Guest Transportation & Shuttling

Now that you know your numbers, start allocating funds for everything. If there are some pricier must haves on your list, make notes of where you are ok spending less money. We want to save whenever possible.

Other items you need to consider in your budget include:

  • Décor
  • Entertainment
  • Hair & Makeup (If you’re paying for your bridal party, you’ll need a bigger budget here)
  • Officiant
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Tax & Service Fees
  • Wedding Rings
  • Wedding Planner
  • Wedding Attire
  • Transportation
  • Gratuities & Tips

As you start booking your vendors, track what you are spending and deduct it from your total budget. We know this is a lot, but planning is key and you will be much better for it. 

The first thing we do with all of our planning couples is to work through the budgeting process and complete a full breakdown of how much they should aim to spend in each vendor category to stay on track.  Mapping out your figures at the very beginning saves money and stress later on, and ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable planning process.  

Take our quiz to receive a customized breakdown of a budget we feel fits your dream wedding. 


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