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Engagement Shoots

You’re engaged and looking for a photographer? Today we wanted to bring you expert advice from Jessie Casey, to best assist your journey 📸

Here is what Jessie has to say:
*When choosing a photographer always ask to see full galleries from real weddings and real engagement sessions.  Style shoots and Instagram posts are not at all representative of real life so make sure you get a chance to look at a few full galleries!

Fall- Trees- Leaves- Engagement- Photo.jpg

*If you are on the fence about an engagement session DO IT! If you can avoid meeting anyone for the first time at your wedding that is a huge win and your photographer is a person you will be spending the whole day with. Any nerves you have about photography will be alleviated with a session before the wedding and it’s a great chance to make sure you are a great fit for each other.  By the time your wedding rolls around you will feel like old friends.

Sweet- Engagement- photos.jpg

*It can be tempting to want to dress up for your engagement shoot and that can be super fun but if you are normally a relaxed casual person… let yourself be that! You don’t have to show up as anyone other than yourself.  Think of this shoot more as a time capsule of your life at this moment.  What do you love to do together? What makes you feel the most like you?  Lean into that.

Engagement- photos- city.jpg

*Pick a location that means something to you.  Most of my couples are not getting married in the towns and cities they grew up in or even currently live in so an engagement session can be a great opportunity to shoot in those places like a favorite park you walk your dog in or a coffee shop you frequent.  Or maybe you love hiking, or the beach or laying on your couch with your dog eating pizza on friday nights (was that too specific because that is my dream night).  This is a rare opportunity to capture who you are as a couple.

Unique- Engagement- photos- upstate- ny.jpg

*My style relies more on connection than a set of the same poses used over and over so in the weeks before your session watch the ways you come together.  Do you like to hold hands?  Are you huggers and in what ways do you normally hug or sit closely?  It’s in those little daily interactions where you will find the most meaning and that is what will make your pictures feel like you.

Fall- Foliage- Engagement- Photos.jpg

*Will it be awkward?  Definitely yes for a few minutes and then it won’t be.  If you know it’s coming and that it will pass, the awkwardness will feel much less consequential.  It feels that way for everyone and it is your photographer’s job to make you comfortable and at ease.  

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