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Wedding Planning During A Pandemic

There is much uncertainty in the wedding world right now due to the Covid-19 virus and its impacts on special events.  While wedding planning can be stressful enough on its own, the uncertainty we are all feeling now is becoming too much for some couples to handle.  That is why the two of us – Shannon Whitney Anson and Christine Wheat – have come together to provide this information guide to help couples navigate the road ahead.  These are the questions our clients have been asking us and we are happy to share the same professional advice with all of you.

As a team we are following the CDC’s current guidelines, released this past Sunday, which state that social restrictions will be in place for at least the next 8 weeks.  We are expecting all couples with weddings slated between now and at least until May 10th will be affected.

What you should do now – 

Contact your venue to check for closures and reschedules.  Ask to be added to the top of the reschedule list if your venue is no longer able to hold your event on your original date.

Communicate your plans to your guests.  If you are planning to move ahead with your plans as is they will need to know so they can consider travel needs and exposure risks.  If you are planning to postpone they will want to cancel hotel rooms and mark a new date on their calendar.

Turn in towards your partner and support and love each other extra hard right now.  Your bond is your foundation, and the whole reason you are getting married in the first place.

If your wedding is scheduled after May 10th and you plan to move forward – 

Check the status of any orders that are currently pending, such as dress making and deliveries, gown and suit alterations, floral inventory purchases, and stationery orders to ensure there are no concerns with production or delivery schedules.

Prepare yourself for the possibility that some guests won’t be able to attend, due to travel restrictions, illness, or personal preference.  Be kind to them as they are equally upset about not being able to be there.

Look into ways to share your wedding with any guest who can’t make it, such as live streaming during the event or virtual visits after your wedding to share photos and video of your big day.

If your plan is to postpone – 

Be flexible with your options and be open to “out of the box” ideas.  Weddings can happen on a weekday and you will find a lot more venue and vendor availability if you consider a non-Saturday wedding date.

Once you secure a new date with your venue, start reaching out to all of your vendors to alert them of the change and check their availability for your new date.  Sign a new contract or get in writing that they are willing to transfer your original service package and terms to your rescheduled date.  

Transfer your hotel room blocks to your new wedding dates.  Let your guests know about the change in plans so they can make travel and lodging plans.  

Schedule appointments for all the “little stuff” well in advance to avoid the rescheduled wedding rush.  Consider things like rehearsal dinner venue, teeth whitening, attire alterations, hair cuts, and honeymoon planning.  There are a lot of other couples who are scooping up dates and services so it’s good to get ahead of everyone else who is in the same position as you.


Making major changes when your wedding is so close, especially after months or years of planning, may seem like a daunting task.  We want to help in any way we can. In an effort to soften the impact, we are proudly offering complimentary 30-minute phone consultations to help couples navigate their options and implement the changes needed to redirect their event plans.  If you are worried about whether or not your wedding can happen as planned, or you need advice on how to make the necessary steps to postpone, we encourage you to reach out to one of us. Our community is stronger when we all support each other, and we are proud to share our years of experience with all local couples to get everyone through this trying time.

30-minute phone consultation – Complimentary – Offer available until May 1

Happy Planning,

Shannon Whitney Ansonshannon@weddingplanningplus.net – 518-269-1243

Christine Wheatchristine@cweventsfirm.com – 518-584-1333


Need of more than just a 30 minute call ? I am offering reduced rate packages for couples in need.

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