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Microwedding cocktail hour family and friends

There has been a lot of talk lately about microweddings, a new trend in the wedding world that is being raised up by the current Coronavirus social restrictions on weddings and events. So what is a microwedding?

While there are variations seen in other areas, here in Upstate New York micro-weddings are typically ceremonial focused events that involve less than 20 guests. For a couple planning a microwedding they could include hair and makeup, a first look, a custom-built ceremony, and a viewing audience of less than 20 people. Others may wish to include refreshments of light food and beverage, but with the current government restrictions on social gatherings those refreshment times would have to be restricted to drop off service and social distancing at all times.

We have planned weddings of all shapes and sizes, from 2-person intimate elopements to 400 person grand celebrations. If you are interested in exploring how a microwedding could work for you just send us a line and we can begin creating a planning package to work for you!

While I will never ever never attempt to be a trend setter, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my very own wedding 5 years ago was very much on a micro level (see photos above and below from our 2015 tiny wedding). Even without the cloak of a pandemic, my now-husband and I didn’t want pomp and circumstance or the glaring eyes of an audience so we chose to keep our ceremony open to only our parents and our siblings – a total of 10 viewers only. This intimacy created an environment of romance , and we were able to achieve a sacredness to our vow exchange that a full blown ceremony would not have allowed us. Our fathers cried, our mothers held hands, and our siblings each held a vital role in making our union official. We ended it with a kiss (of course!) and champagne flowed. It is and was my favorite day ever.

How could a microwedding work for you? Connect with us to find out!




The Mansion Inn intimate wedding bride and groomMicrowedding ceremony family speechesThe Mansion Inn intimate wedding ceremonyMicrowedding ceremony celebrationPhotos by Heather Bohm Tallman

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