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Holiday Parties!

It’s November! The holiday season has begun. 🥂

For this years holiday parties here are the top trends we are seeing.

🥀 – Dark Ambiance

Moody dinners are coming back. Low lighting and dark accents. Bring the elegant dining experience right into your own home.

🍾 – Flavored Champagne

The new trend is to elevate your refreshments with a flavor or a design. Adding mint or cherries to your champagne brings out the flavor and elevates the holiday experience. Also try to add a pretty garnish to the glass or mix the champagne with edible glitter dust to give it that extra sparkle.

– Small Gatherings

Intimate moments are what make the holidays so special. Instead of a large party, enjoy your immediate friends and family and learn how their year went. This way you can spend time with everyone and not just the select few you were able to pull aside.

📸 – Hired Photographer

Hire a professional to take photos to then always have those memories. iPhone photos are good, but have someone else capture the moment while you enjoy it. They come out beautiful and can be framed.

🍷 – Vintage Goblets

Elevate your table scape with colored vintage goblets. Bring in a pop of color to compliment your table decor. They come in all different colors and are such a fun detail to have.

🍽️ – Plated Meals

We all love a good buffet or potluck but a sit down dinner is much more elevated. A private chef is a wonderful addition to a holiday meal and they always say, food always tastes better when someone else makes it.

🍇– Decorative Fruit

Back in the early days they decorated with what they had at home. This would be Apple garland, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. It is coming back with fruit centerpieces.

🕯️ – Taper Candles

Candle lit dinner?? Yes please!! These taper candles just made a dinner that much more special. We love the colors taper candles are these days. They also are now patterned as well.

Here at WPP we understand the importance of time with your loved ones. Take the stress out of planning and prepping this holiday season by letting us help you. We want you to make the most out of the time you have with your friends and family by being present through your gatherings and not worrying about the details.

Happy Holidays!
The WPP Team

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