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2023 Wedding Trends In Upstate NY

While old trends always tend to come back and new ideas pop up by the second, it can be hard to keep track of what’s on trend for the new wedding year.  Here in Upstate New York we are seeing these exciting trends for 2023 and these are a few of our faves.

Wedding Day Flair

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Alexandra Meseke

Glam is back and we are seeing lots of our 2023 couples looking to spice things up with their wedding décor.  Think disco balls hanging from the ceilings or in accents, in centerpieces and reception entryways, sequin table linen and sparkly pizazz in wedding party attire, and brass metallic candlesticks and mirrored table chargers.  A wedding is a grand celebration and why not bring glitz and glamor to yours.  I mean, we spent a lot of time hunkering down these last few years, it’s time to party!

Wearable Florals

Brian David Weddings

Want your wedding party to stand out from the rest?  Then toss those wedding bouquets aside (pun definitely intended) and say no to those hard to fold pocket squares – instead give your BFFs florals they can wear.  We are seeing bridesmaids with floral shoulder cap pieces and groomsmen with flower pocket squares.  The ladies will have free hands all day and the guys don’t have to worry about boutonniere pins giving them trouble throughout the night.  Win win!

Camp Weddings

Alaina Elizabeth Photography

Why celebrate for 5 hours when you can enjoy time with your family and friends for the whole weekend?  Here in the mountains of Upstate NY we are loaded with children’s summer camps that become prime weekend wedding venues in the spring and fall when kids are back at school.  With abundant onsite lodging, a convenient mess hall for a weekend full of meals, swimming holes and camp fires waiting to be enjoyed – what better way to bring all of your loved ones together to experience quality time together and make lasting memories!  (For more information on our multi-day wedding packages click HERE)

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Katherine Marchand Weddings

In 2023 we are seeing our couples say goodbye to the neutrals and say hello to color palettes of all kinds.  Some are using pastels in shades of blue to create an ethereal English garden party look, while others are diving head first with saturated shades of burgundy, emerald green, and deep teal blue.  The classic look of the whites and greens will never fully go away, but we are excited to see oranges, ruby reds, and a mix and match color scheme heading our way.

Very Vintage

Niki Rossi Photography

Vintage is back in a big way for 2023 and we are here for it!  Throwbacks are always fun and we are seeing nods to vintage all across our upcoming weddings.  Vintage furniture has always been a hit, but we are loving the idea of an old school corded phone that doubles as an audio guest book, fancy bridal platform shoes, vinyl records becoming part of the reception décor, and velvet returning this year in bridesmaid dress fabric as well as reception table linen.  What’s old is new again!


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