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Design Trends

As the 2023 wedding season comes to a close and we continue with planning for our 2024 events, we are noticing a few trends that are sticking for the upcoming year!


The trend I am seeing over and over again is COLOR! I cannot express how happy this makes me and our team. Color is being used in so many ways.

·         Beautiful large colored signs for seating arrangements and welcome signs
·         Bold colored runners going down the center of guests farm tables
·         Colored rugs being layered down the ceremony aisle
·         A range of different colored dresses for the wedding party and the most fashionable guests

Multi-day Events & Utilizing Venue Space for Other Events

When family and friends are staying in one location, and the wedding weekend spans more than just one wedding day, we find couples want to make the most of their special occasion by taking as many opportunities as possible to immerse themselves in quality time with everyone. If the venue has availability, transform the spaces for different events, like an intimate rehearsal dinner with immediate family and wedding party, welcome drinks to include all of the out of town guests, everyone partying on wedding day, and then a cozy post-wedding brunch to send your loved ones off.  

·         Welcome party or welcome drinks
·         After party
·         Goodbye brunch

Bridesmaids Attire

·         The mix matched bridesmaid dresses incorporating different prints
·         Allowing each bridesmaid to wear something different but coordinated – either a similar dress type to match the same of the rest of the attendants, or coordinating in color, fabric or silhouette – versus the same exact dress for everyone in the wedding party

Over the top floral installations

·         Larger pieces placed with intent to make a wow factor
·         Smaller pieces everywhere are now being replaced by statement pieces

Creative Lighting

·         Transforming the ceiling of your venue
·         Starry nights
·         Full rattan boho chandeliers and disco balls are my favorites!

Creating a one of a kind wedding experience
Couples are now creating weddings based on sharing their love stories <3

·         Serving their favorite foods
·         Having all different flavored cakes
·         The late night food trucks serving their favorite junk food

The one thing that’s still clear, the weddings for 2024 are more about the experience of the day and the closeness of being with family and friends. It’s about having everyone understand you as a couple, not so much about following the traditions of the past.

We love helping you take your unique individuality as a couple and making it shine through!!


Installations and Design
Accent Rentals

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When you want to bring the wow factor and showcase your unique style in your wedding a great place to focus on is in accent rentals. Accent rentals are things like vintage lounge furniture, colored glassware, specialty signage, champagne walls, and neon lights.  

a few favorites from Our

Event Design

Accent Rentals

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Learn about all thing after party related. From transportation to food and fun, we've got you covered!

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