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Erica and Adam – May 10, 2014

Erica and Adam were married at the Hall of Springs on May 10, 2014.  These two are both originally from New York but live and work in Mississippi so we did a lot of the planning long distance through emails and Skype chats.  It was so much fun to work with these two and you can tell from the emotion they show in these photos that they are two really fun really cool people.  I am so happy they found me because my life was made better by meeting them!
Erica is hilarious and we laughed so much in the year we worked together!  Adam also has a great sense of humor and they both just like to let loose and have fun.  Their wedding was at the Hall of Springs and with close to 250 guests the event was definitely high end and classy.  But Erica and Adam were still able to bring in pieces of their personalities in the fine details, such as their custom made Converse sneakers, the pops of pomegranate color in the reception, and their beer and wine themed guest tables.  They wanted to focus on fun and you can see in the dance shots that these guys did not hold back on the dance floor!  They had a video booth and wood fired pizza station and they gave their guests chocolate truffles that were beer and wine flavored.  The weather was great, their bridal party was super fun, and their guests partied all night long.  It was an awesome wedding!
Working with Erica and Adam was like working with my best friends.  We got close throughout the planning process and pretty soon they were referring to me as “Coach”.  I got pretty hands on with these guys, accepting near daily packages of wedding items from them and doing a lot of shopping for wine and beer bottles and the perfect shimmery cake ribbon.  Because these guys live so far away my spare bedroom became the wedding holding room and every day it was like Christmas seeing the packages that would come in.  One delivery arrived and needed to be signed for because the contents were either beer or wine, and since these guys were planning a beer and wine themed wedding I just assumed this was one more piece for their reception.  It’s a good thing I opened it though because what was inside was actually for me!  They had gifted me a craft beer sampler and included a card that read I should make sure I get some time to relax and enjoy these before the wedding.  Best gift ever!
This wedding included a team of talented professionals.  Sarah and Kevin and the staff at the Hall of Springs did an amazing job with everything at the venue.  Working with Sarah and the staff at Mazzone is always a treat.  The associate photographers at Matt Ramos Photography killed it with these images – there were so many great ones to choose from I could have seriously made this blog 50 photos long!  Vinny Vin from NonStop Music rocked their dance floor, and Evan and Kara from Anthology Studio nailed it with the flowers and decor.  The guys at Brighter Lights Media rolled video all night, and the ladies at Make Me Fabulous styled up the ladies and made them look their best.  We called in the troops when it came to transportation – Upstate Transit provided the guest shuttles, Premiere Transportation used two of their limos to transport the bridal party to the Hall of Springs, and Advantage Transportation supplied the vintage Rolls Royce for the bride and groom.  And Erica and Adam’s friend with ferociously great hair, Ian Rossi, performed the ceremony.
I really could go on and on about Erica and Adam and how awesome they are as human beings!  Thank you guys so much for finding me and bringing me into your lives!  LOVE YOU!!
Shannon (*Coach*)


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