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Kind Words From the Mother and the Father of the Bride

Photo by Gallery 9 North 
Katie and Brendan were married this Saturday at Fasig Tipton and it could not have been a more perfect day.  I had the distinct pleasure of coordinating not only Katie’s day but in the last four years I have worked on the wedding days of her two cousins Betsey (and Brian) and Neil (and Katie).  It was such a joy for me to see these families again for the third time and be able to execute a wedding day that was smooth as silk for Katie and Brendan.  Just this morning I received emails from each of Katie’s parents which made me melt and remind me again and again why I love what I do.  Here’s what they had to say:
From the father of the bride:
“Shannon…We really don’t know what to say.  Sat. night was simply the most magical night we could ever have imagined.  Everything from the weather, the beautiful ceremony, drinks, food, service, the absolute best band and a great mixture of guests made for a perfect party…but it all started with you..your knowledge, skills and professional approach to every possible detail was just invaluable….We truly believe there’s no way this would have been so successful without you there to guide us every step of the way.  We know Katie (and her crazy Dad) were so appreciative of the way you simply took care of any detail at any time…and your calm demeanor truly brought down the stress level (needless to say, quite critical).   The comments haven’t stopped since yesterday morning and they are nothing short of extraordinary…everything from best wedding party ever, I want this wedding, I can’t ever duplicate this, etc.  I’m guessing that after most weddings the parents may have a regret or two over things that they may have done differently.  We honestly can’t think of one thing that we would change about our day.
I know you do this for a living and ours was just one of many events that you plan.  We just are so impressed and appreciative of the way you are able to make our one time day seem so very special.  You truly have a gift for this.  Not that you need it but if you are ever looking for a reference..here we are…hope to see you in the future…thanks so much again and be well…”
From the mother of the bride:
“This wedding was better than I dared to imagine Shannon & you were one of the main reasons for that.  I just don’t think we could have ever pulled this all off without you.  the feedback has been incredible.  I know people always say they had a wonderful time but what people were saying was so beyond that, that it was unbelievable.  Mike who was the contact for the band relayed to us that the word he rec’d was that the “wedding of the summer” had just occurred in Saratoga.  The combination of the perfect weather (I really don’t know how you pulled that one off!), the venue itself, the great band & food, a fun bride & groom & a perfect wedding planner just came together on the right night!

I already have some requests for your contact (a couple from young ladies who don’t have a boyfriend yet so this may take a little bit of time to pay off!) & of course I will take a page from my big brother & make sure I let anyone with on earshot know how gifted you are.  In addition to all of your other skills Shannon, you are just a genuinely nice person, that is the icing on the cake when working with you.   Xoxo”
I could not thank this family – these families – enough for inviting me to play a small part in the most special day of their children’s lives.  Your thoughts and thanks and words of praise just remind me that I am where I am supposed to be in life.
Thank you to the DeChants and the O’Conner families for everything you have done for me!
Much love and thanks,

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