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Amy and Stephen Review WPP

Amy and Stephen were married last month at Pat’s Barn in Troy.  I served the role as wedding day coordinator for their event and could not have had a better time working a wedding.  Amy and Stephen might be the nicest people I’ve ever met, and their families were some of the nicest families I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Not surprisingly Amy took the time to post a review of my services online and I gushed at all the nice things she had to say.  Thank you so much Amy and Stephen!  Best wishes for what I know will be the best marriage ever!
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“Shannon Whitney and Weddling Planning Plus helped us with the
preparation and “Day Of” coordination for our wedding in June. I cannot
say enough good things about Shannon and would highly recommend working
with her.
Shannon was EXTREMELY well organized and I knew that
we were cut from the same cloth and that we would work very well
together as soon as I received the very detailed, multi-page Wedding Day
Itinerary that Shannon put together after our first meeting. From that
point on, I really just let Shannon run the show and she did a
spectacular job. Shannon thought of so many details that never would
have dawned on me (oh, right, of course we will need speakers outdoors
if we want people to hear the music during the outdoor cocktail hour!)
and she worked directly with our vendors to take care of everything so
that we didn’t have to think twice about any of it. 
Shannon is a
true pro – I get the feeling that she has seen it all and,
consequently, she is prepared for anything and everything. She arrived
at our house on the morning of our Wedding Day armed with an emergency
kit and ready to deal with anything that we threw at her. My favorite
part was seeing my mother a little frustrated with how the sleeve of her
dress kept slipping off her shoulder and watching Shannon whip some
double stick fashion tape out of her bag of tricks and and get my mother
sorted out! 
Shannon was professional, pleasant and extremely
graceful under pressure. She also did a great job of helping me to keep
my nerves in check during a little bit of the down time that I had
between finishing up with hair, make-up, etc. and leaving for the
church. I was starting to get pretty anxious and antsy and I will be
forever grateful to Shannon for her calming presence and her
I cannot stress how highly I would recommend Shannon. Thank you, Shannon Whitney!”

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