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Romeo Wedding – October 8, 2011

Tori and John were married on October 8, 2011 in Schroon Lake, NY. Their ceremony and reception were held at the bed and breakfast of Silver Spruce Inn where they were able to have their friends and family enjoy a relaxing weekend all on the same property. This wedding was a particularly special one for me because I had actually met the bride two years prior when her sister Crystal hired me to plan her wedding (blog stalkers you will remember Crystal and Ben at Union Gables back in 2009). Not only had I met Tori two years ago but I had the ridiculously weird run in with her on Columbus Day weekend of 2010 when I was in Lake George having a day trip/love fest with my family and at dinner noticed a familiar looking girl sitting at the table next to me. Turns out that girl was Tori and she was with John at dinner and he was an hour away from proposing marriage to her. Tori literally contacted me the next day to help her with her wedding and when we put two and two together and realized I was literally there at the place of their engagement it was way too much for either of us to handle!

But aside for the karmic serendipitous crossing… Tori and John are such amazing people and their wedding showed the true inner personality that this couple shares. This is a no nonsense couple, one who is not about impressing others but about welcoming friends into their world. A couple who steers clear of getting wrapped up in the tv wedding hoopla and keeps true to their values of family and love and togetherness. Tori and John could teach lessons on how to plan a wedding and come under budget, yet their event showed no lack of luster and the full impact was on what was important. Tori and John are ones who remember what means something to them and what will last in the end – after the glitter has settled and the dust has cleared it’s really about the love of two people and the commitment they have to one another that is most important. This is what they love about each other. And what I really love about them.

I also love the fact that when I came to their home for a final planning meeting they fed me a whole delicious dinner! “We are Italian, in our home you will eat.” No objections here!

Tori and John brought me on for day-of wedding coordination and I was overjoyed to be a part of their big day. Like I mentioned earlier, not only did I happen to be in the same restaurant as this couple minutes before he proposed, but I was the wedding planner for Tori’s older sister two years ago for her wedding in Saratoga. I was beyond honored when Tori called me less than 24 hours from being proposed to and said, “I don’t know where I’m getting married and I don’t know on what day, but I know I want you to be there to coordinate it.” The words humbled and blessed don’t even begin to describe how I felt then. Then and now.

Helping me on Tori and John’s big day was a list of professional and their own personal help. First off I want to thank Jason Bryer for photographing their wedding and supplying me with these images. Thank you so much for everything you did! Also thank you to Crystal Riley of Central Market Florists in Queensbury for making their beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres, Total Events for supplying the tent and rentals, and Upstate Transit for their transportation assistance. This wedding consisted of a lot of personal friends of the couple who provided services for them, including Tom and his team who were their friends and caterers, John’s cousin Amy for officiating the ceremony, their friends Greg and Tim for DJing and emceeing the event.

I first met Tori and John two years ago never knowing that I would one day be overseeing their most special day. Thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding coordinator and allowing me the opportunity to come back to enjoy this special day with you and your families. I hope to see you again in future Meyer/Romeo weddings!!

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