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A little note from last Saturday’s bride…

Last weekend was the wedding weekend extravaganza for Andrea and Justin deep in the Catskill Mountains. I received an email from the bride last night that just gave me goosebumps. Enjoy.

“I’m super lucky to know you and to have had you on board was wonderful. As soon as I saw your face on Friday, the worries exited stage left. For real. Justin had been skeptical in the beginning when I said the words “wedding planner” mainly because Full Moon takes care of so much. I reiterated to him that what Michael at Full Moon had told us verbatim was “we do everything except hold your hand.” I told him that I needed my hand held. I’m not a super girly-girl and never spent much time thinking about what I wanted my dream wedding to look like until I suddenly had to. And then, it was hard to make that stuff happen. I needed reassurance. I needed to occasionally ask, “This thing is happening like this, is that normal?” and be told, “Yeah, that’s completely normal, don’t even worry about it.”

By Friday, after he had seen months of what you had done for us, any hesitation was not even a distant memory, it had been totally forgotten. He was converted. To know that all distracting issues that arose were being kept away from me so that I could enjoy my day, and that neither of us had to do any lifting or worry about any logistics, relieved him greatly.
I truly hope you had a good time. You were a perfect fit for us, as was Full Moon and all of our amazing vendors.
We laid in bed on Saturday night after our afterparty, delirious with joy. This was the final exchange before we went to sleep.

Justin: I think that was seriously the best wedding I’ve ever been to.

Me (whispering): And it was OURS!
Thanks for all you’ve done. Words don’t even begin.


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