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Wedding Insurance

Besides hiring a wedding planner, the biggest decision you can make to ensure you’re going to have a perfect wedding day is to take out Wedding Insurance. We all know about the local wedding photo/video/DJ company that recently closed up shop and disappeared, leaving dozens of brides with no vendors for their wedding and no sign of the return of any of their money. This is a tragic situation for any bride, but with Wedding Insurance you could be covered for this kind of thing. Or what about a horrific story I heard from one of my photographer friends who was working a wedding last year where someone stole the gift envelopes from the reception, taking all of the money and gifts that were intended to go to the bride and groom. You may think this kind of thing would never happen but it does, and Wedding Insurance can help cover you for this loss.

I know that the thought of an added wedding expense does not seem appealing to any couple, but I happen to know a very knowledgeable and handsome insurance professional (my brother!) who can write a policy for couples for as little as $170. With the average cost of weddings nearing $30,000 taking out a simple policy for less than $200 seems like a totally worthwhile expense.

Here are some of the things that can be covered in a Wedding Insurance policy:

The cancellation or postponement of your wedding (including change of heart coverage)
Photography and video
Rented property
Special attire
Loss of deposits
Professional counseling
Personal liability and medical expense
Liquor liability

Here are some examples of how Wedding Insurance can prove to be invaluable:

Extreme weather rolls in on your wedding day making it impossible to hold your event
Hired vendors go out of business before your big day and you are out your deposits and payments
Unforseen medical issues cause the wedding to be postponed
No-show vendors
Wedding dress ruined at the reception
Damage to the property at a rented venue

In addition to the many benefits of having insurance for loss, many couples rent venues that require you provide your own insurance to cover the liability of your event. The National Museum of Dance, the Canfield Casino, the Pruyn House, and many other such venues require this and a Wedding Insurance policy can include all of the coverage your venue requires.

You have insurance to cover the value of your home, your apartment, your vehincles, and all of your other prized possessions, so why wouldn’t you consider insuring your wedding? With the cots of your wedding probably exceeding the cost of your car there is really no reason not to.

Any questions or inquiries on Wedding Insurance can be directed to my brother – Brian Whitney – who is an insurance professional with the Associates of Glens Falls. He can be reached at 518-793-3444. Tell him his big sis says hi! 😉

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  1. Online Event Registration says:

    According to me wedding insurance is not obligatory, but it can offer peace of mind for a relatively small investment.The main advantage of wedding insurance is that you are protected in the event that something goes wrong.

  2. Erin Marzilli says:

    I never knew this existed! good to know

  3. Marriage Invitation Cards says:

    Good to know about wedding insurance, never knew such things exist.

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