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Yes, these are cakes, too!

Alright, there is one last kind of cake that I wanted to make sure I included, and that’s a groom’s cake. Here in the northeast we don’t see a lot of groom’s cakes, and when we do they are almost always displayed and served at the rehearsal dinner (which is why I don’t have too many examples to show here). But I have had a few weddings where the couple included this dessert at their reception, and seeing these pics I’m sure you can see why. Groom’s cakes are usually something super fun and in the honor of groom’s personality and hobbies. I have seen a lot of groom’s cakes that represent sports like fishing, golfing, or a throw back to college sports days like the pic below of the Syracuse jersey. Also fun are ones like the pic above which, I’m sorry, is hands down the coolest groom’s cake I have ever seen. This cake was a multi level masterpiece showing beer in an ice bucket, a frosty mug, and chicken wings with a side of blue cheese dressing! This cake looked so real that no one believed it was actually edible! The couple was from Buffalo so this cake paid perfect homage to the food and beer of their hometown. It was awesome!

Title photo: Rob Spring Photography
Photo 2: Bailly Photography

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  1. Danielle says:

    I found your blog via Sarah Walley Events, and I'd really like to know who made those grooms' cakes as I am considering having one for our wedding in Buffalo, but I havent seen any this excellent since! Thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.!

    Ps new follower~!:)

  2. Shannon says:

    Hi Danielle!

    Thanks for commenting and becoming a new WPP blog follower! Isn't that beer and wings cake AMAAAZING?? It was from Dessert Deli in Buffalo. I didn't work with them directly but Sarah highly recommends them. Check them out and best of luck with your wedding planning!!


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