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By now I think everyone has heard about the wedding business that has gone MIA and have left their recent and upcoming clients high and dry. The business I am referring to is Wedding Combo and they offered affordable packages in wedding photography, videography, and DJ services. I learned of this problem a few days ago, when a bride who was to be married today called them to confirm arrangements with them. When she realized their website was down, the office was closed, and calls to their contact number went straight to voicemail she knew she was in trouble. So here was a bride three days before her wedding missing the most important vendors for her day – as well as the money she spent to pay them. There are others, too, who used Wedding Combo for photo or video on their fall and winter weddings who got a vendor to show up on wedding day but now realize they many never actually receive their photos or their video of their special day. Imagine being the bride sitting there thinking you will never have a picture of your first kiss, your first dance, or of you in a wedding dress? The whole thing is devastating.

So my heart goes out to all who are affected by this terrible situation. There is so much that a bride and groom think about in the wedding planning process but worrying about your vendors coming through should not be on their radar. I cannot stress enough the important of selecting high quality vendors who have strong and long reputations of impeccable work. Before hiring a vendor you should meet with them, review their references, research them on business bureaus and on weddings websites where past brides review their work, and tap into the expertise of a wedding planner or local expert who can tell you if they recommend them and why. You put a lot of faith, trust, and money into your wedding professionals and it is vital that you think your choices through and select those who you have complete confidence in.

I do have to say that this Wedding Combo situation is extremely rare, and all of the vendors I work with and recommend are up- and outstanding. Please don’t let one bad egg spoil the reputation for the wedding community at large. I hate to see that any couples are going through this tragedy and for all of your with weddings coming up I hope you find replacements who will perform above and beyond what you were offered originally. And for any Wedding Combo brides who want my help finding replacements I would be more than happy to give you my recommendations and vendor suggestions free of charge. You have been through enough, I would be thrilled to do a little something to make all of this better for you.

It’s your biggest day, and you can’t leave things up to chance. Best wishes to all.

News Channel 13 story of Wedding Combo scandal

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