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Great wedding trend – “First Sightings”

Ok if you are super traditional and not into straying from the norm then perhaps this post is not for you. But if you are someone who is going for the easiest way to get your formal wedding photos done and still be there for most if not all of your cocktail hour, then this trend might be right up your alley. What am I talking about? It’s called by different names depending on what region you live, but around here in Upstate New York it’s commonly referred to as “First Sightings”. Just picture getting all dolled up like you would before your walk down the aisle, but add in an hour or so of time with your fiance and photographer before the ceremony for some beautifully emotional and candid photos. It’s a chance for you to see your beloved and actually be able to hug and kiss and hold them (something you can’t do when you get to them after your walk to the altar). You can get just about all of your formal photos done of the two of you and your bridal party and family, too, if time allows. So that during cocktail hour you are not running around like a madman with a perma-grin trying to squeeze in a picture with everyone and their brother before cocktail hour ends. And for you fall and winter weddings First Sightings can have a very practical application because the sun sets a lot earlier during your time of the year and the option for outdoor photos is often not there after evening ceremonies. So this is where the traditionalists cringe and turn away because – gasp! – we’re talking about the two of you seeing each other before you’re standing together at the altar. But if seeing each other before the ceremony is not a huge deal to you then I say consider this whole First Sighting thing because it can get you some ridiculously good photos, help ease your pre-wedding jitters, and allow you and your lovie some nice time together before you have 200 people pulling you in all directions. Talk to your photographer about it – and your wedding planner of course – and see if this would work for you. A LOT of my couple are doing this now and they all have been super pleased with the results. Just check out some of these photos for great examples of First Sighting moments.
Jackie and Scott (photos by Heather Bohm-Tallman)

Joann and Vern (photos by Tracey Buyce)

Beth and Lawson (photos by Tracey Buyce)

Colleen and Eric (photos by Tracey Buyce)

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